quinta-feira, 17 de abril de 2008

I open the door and look to the sky
With my friend, with my teddy bear
I´m prepared to run and even to die
Because i´m going to nowhere

Life it´s a killer in the night,
In the day and forever long.
No i don´t want more to fight.
No i don´t want more to hide.

No i don´t want more to see.
I want to scream: No
Someone is telling me:
Go, Go, Go!

Every kind of women, every kind of men
Poors and richs, healthy end sicks
Everyone is fighting, no one to defend.
Old people and young ones,
The weaks and the strongs.

Family is the worst of all wars,
House is the worst of all warriors.
And then you ask me: Why you run?
I run to not to die, i run to have fun.


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