sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

I´m walking on the other side
Persecuted by white shadows
Crushing red roots
That turn into blood
The sky is black
The sun is naked
There´s a little body walking
With a head on the lead
Two men
One little woman
One dog
And a cat on the road
Everybody looking at me
I found a witch in her broom
With a crystal ball, a bag and a stone
The broom is to fly
The crystal ball is to see
The bag is to put me inside
And the stone is to throw me
I asked her:
What is happening with me?
Is this dream a nightmare
Or could it be reality?
And she said:
The sky is black because you can´t see
The sun is naked because you´re free
And about the little body,
Is something that you´ll never understand
The little body is you
And the head is your best friend.


1 comentário:

Rosália disse...

I'm fascinate...in portuguese, in english you are amazing boy.
great just great. Kiss Rosália