quinta-feira, 10 de abril de 2008

The Big Fall

My body is dry
By so many times bleed
Not even blood tears run
And only dust i breathe
It´s a big empty dark feeling
It´s weird, it´s fear
I feel so insecure
Because everything around me
Is really collapsing
Somebody turned the world upside down
Somebody opened the sky
And i fall down into it
I can not stop from falling
I just burn slowly
And they laugh.
I´m naked
And they enjoy it.
I had been humilieted
I had been deserted
I had been worned out.
A spirit whispered at my ear:
You had got out of one´s senses
With too many girls
Times without number
And now you belong here
You don´t have to bow before nobody.
I felt like a little devil
Resting in the darkness
Waiting for a victim
Waiting for revange.
But with love i forgive
With love i ask forgiven
Got out of this nightmare
Let me rest in the big sleep.


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